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View of Mt Blanc from Val Thorens



Sparrow, Val Thorens, French Alps

Sparrows in the Alps.


Sparrows live in Val Thorens at 2,300m all year round. They make use of the eaves of buildings for shelter, and also congregate in the small conifers which have been planted around resort in recent years. Their noisy chirruping is a cheerful year-round background to any walk around Val Thorens.

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Snow finches

Snow finch on Mont de la Chambre

Snow finches are amongst the most attractive of Alpine birds, familiar to skiers who frequent mountain restaurants. In French, they are called niverolles. They are not true finches, but actually members of the sparrow family.

Snow finches are usually found between 2,000 and 3,000m altitude, in the Alps, in other mountain ranges in Europe and Turkey, and in the Himalayas.

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Alpine animals & birds


There are many beautiful animals and birds living in the Alps, including mountain hares, marmots, and snow finches.

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Mountain hareMarmotte, Val ThorensPtarmigan near Pralognan

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