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Val Thorens Ski Pass Prices

Caron cable car, Val Thorens

Here, you can find the Val Thorens ski pass/lift pass prices for the ski season 2023-24, together with explanatory notes about price periods, free passes, reductions for seniors and children, tribe passes, family passes, beginners' passes, prolongations, and 3 Valleys extensions.

Val Thorens Ski Pass Prices 2023-24

These are the Val Thorens ski pass prices for the main part of the season, 23rd December 2023 to 5th May 2023. At the time of writing, I haven't been able to track down a proper price list, but the tourist office website has a ski pass prices page.

You can buy a Val Thorens ski pass online.

Val Thorens ski pass prices for main season 2023-24
Val Thorens-Orelle pass Adult Senior 65-74 Child 5-12 Veteran 75+
4 hours 58.00 46.90 46.40 14.50
1 day 65.00 58.50 52.00 16.20
2 days 130.00 117.00 104.00 32.50
3 days 195.00 175.50 156.00 48.70
4 days 260.00 234.00 208.00 65.00
5 days 300.00 270.00 240.00 75.00
6 days 320.00 288.00 256.00 80.00
7 days 367.00 309.10 293.60 91.70
8 days 414.00 372.60 331.20 103.50
Prolong for 1 day TBC TBC TBC TBC
Extension to 3V for 1 day TBC TBC TBC TBC
Season 1,220.00 or
30% off if under 30 years old (854.00)
1,098.00 854.00 305.00

Val Thorens Ski Pass Prices: Explanatory Notes

Price Periods

There are three periods during the season, with different pricing. The cheapest period is the season opening; next cheapest is the period just before Christmas; and the full price is charged for the main season.

The price periods are:

Free Passes

Children up to and including 4 years old are entitled to free Val Thorens ski passes. Although it's free, you need to get the free pass, so you go to the ski pass office with proof of age and a passport photo.

Until this Winter, 'veterans' of 75 years and over were entitled to free Val Thorens ski passes, but that is no longer the case. There is now a separate price bracket of Veteran 75+, see the table above.

Passport Photos

Passport photos are required for:

Reductions for Children, Seniors and Veterans

There are cheaper prices for children 5-12 years old, seniors 65-74 years old, and veterans aged 75+. See the ski pass price list in the table above for the rates. 

Duo (Two Adults)

The duo category was discontinued last year and does not apply in 2023-24.

Tribe (Three Adults or More)

This category is Tribe, meaning three people or more. When three or more friends or family buy adult ski passes together, for 6 days or more, they get a price reduction of €20 each off the adult rate. No American Indian ancestry is required.

Family Pass

The family pass price is available to families of two parents and two or more dependent children (where the children are 5 to 17 years old, proof of age required). The parents and the children pay the child rate.

The family pass is available for 6 days or more.

Val Thorens 2/7

The Val Thorens 2/7 gives you 2 days of skiing per week in the Val Thorens & Orelle ski area for €565. This amounts to 48 days over the season, averaging €11.77 per day.

It is only available online. You can buy additional days from any ski pass office.

Beginner's Pass

There's a half-price beginner's ski pass, valid for only four lifts - Deux Lacs chair, Cascades chair, and Cairn & Caron bubbles. (There are also some free lifts - see below).

There are drawbacks. It can only be bought for 4h of a morning or afternoon, or for 1 day, not several days, so you would have to go back to the ski pass office each day. In a week, you're likely to need more than just these lifts, so a 6-day Val Thorens pass is usually a better option.

(Note: similar beginners' passes are sold by the ESF with ski lessons).


There used to be a special 'prolongation' rate per extra day to extend a 6-day ski pass, but it is no longer mentioned so may have been abolished.

3 Valleys Extension

If you have a Val Thorens ski pass, you can buy an extension for the 3 Valleys, a day at a time.


You can add carré neige insurance to the price of your ski pass. For adults, the rate is €3.30 per day (1 to 7 days), or €26.40 for 8 to 21 days, and €49 for the season.

Free Lifts in Val Thorens

Musaraigne magic carpet, Val Thorens
Musaraigne magic carpet, Val Thorens

The free lifts in the Val Thorens ski area, for which no ski pass is required, are Musaraigne and Campagnols, in the beginners' area, and Castor & Pollux, which bring people back up to place Caron.

Pedestrian Passes

There are pedestrian passes for 1 day, 6 days, or season. There are also individual passes for particular lifts.

The main lifts open to pedestrians are:

Some of the rates are:

See pedestrian pass rates on the tourist office website.

Toboggan Cosmojet

Toboggan hut, Val Thorens

The 6km toboggan in Val Thorens is now called Cosmojet. There are prices for one or two descents on the toboggan run, and for 1 day. They are:

Prices include hire of the toboggan, and going up in the Funitel Péclet. An evening descent also includes a mulled wine or hot chocolate and some Beaufort cheese.

Age restriction: children under 5 cannot go on the toboggan; from 5 to 9 years, children share a parent's toboggan (free); from 10 years (if at least 1m25 tall), they have their own toboggan and pay full price.

The toboggan is open every day, including Wednesday to Friday evenings.

Daytime opening times:

Toboggan opening times (day)

Evening opening times:

Toboggan opening times (evening)

See prices and schedules on the tourist office website.

Bee Zipline

The Bee double zip line starts from the top of Moutière chairlift, and whizzes people back to resort via two intermediate platforms.

It runs from 9.45am to 4pm (6th December 2023 to 9th February 2024) and until 4.30pm (from 10th February 2024 to the end of the season). €40 per descent.

Other information and conditions:

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Skiing Made Easy

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