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View of Mt Blanc from Val Thorens

Val Thorens resort shuttle

Free resort shuttle bus, Val Thorens

There's a free resort shuttle bus in Val Thorens. Although Val Thorens is quite compact, and most distances are easily walkable, it can be useful, for example for getting to your accommodation from the bus station when you first arrive, to get to ski school with small children or beginners, or to get home when you're tired after a day's skiing. Read about the Val Thorens resort shuttle here.

Val Thorens resort shuttle: route

Place des Arolles, Val Thorens

Place des Arolles, Val Thorens

The free Val Thorens resort shuttle bus runs from 8.05am to 8pm each day in winter (18th November 2017 to 8th May 2018), with buses every 20 minutes. It covers the whole of Val Thorens. Buses start from the bus station (gare routière) at place des Arolles. There are two circuits (shown on a diagramatic map on the resort shuttle timetable):

Circuit de la Boucle

Parking P0, Val Thorens

This bus goes up from the bus station, to Maison de Val Thorens (tourist office), the church, place Péclet, rue de Gébroulaz, parking P0, Les Balcons, and back to the bus station.

Circuit du Soleil

Montana free bus stop

This bus goes down the rue du Soleil, to Montagnettes du Soleil, Montana, Temples du Soleil, parking P2 and the Altapura, then back to the bus station. 

Val Thorens resort shuttle: timetable

This is the 2017/18 Val Thorens resort shuttle timetable

Val Thorens resort shuttle: other free services from Val Thorens

Free resort shuttle bus in Val Thorens

There's a free shuttle bus from Val Thorens bus station to P3 (UCPA), and back, which runs from 9th December 2017 to 28th April 2018. There are twelve buses every day Sunday to Friday, and twenty-four buses on Saturdays. The service is from 0830 (0800 on Saturdays) to 2000.

There are free buses from the bus station in Val Thorens to parking P4, every 30 minutes on Friday afternoons from 1500 to 2000, Saturdays from 0615 to 2215, and Sundays from 0830 to 2000.

There are five free shuttles a day (every day except Saturday) from Val Thorens to Les Menuires, for walkers and cross-country skiers, and five a day in the opposite direction (see timetable). The shuttles continue to St Martin (open to anyone between Les Menuires and Saint Martin). This service runs from 17th December 2017 to 20th April 2018. These are the bus times:

Val Thorens place des Arolles 0925 1210 1350 1710 1815
Les Menuires Gare Routière 0945 1230 1410 1730 1835
Saint-Martin-de-Belleville place de la Mairie 1010 1255 1435 1755 1900

Saint-Martin-de-Belleville place de la Mairie 0835 0930 1300 1445 1715
Les Menuires Gare Routière 0900 0955 1325 1510 1740
Val Thorens place des Arolles 0920 1015 1345 1530 1800

Val Thorens resort

Resort of Val Thorens, with Mont Blanc behind

The Val Thorens resort section has a map, and covers resort facilities including the tourist office, post office, banks, medical centre, church, parking, radio station, Club des Sports, market, sports centre, cinema, and resort shuttle

Val Thorens travel

GB sticker on snow-covered car in Val Thorens

Our Val Thorens travel page has information about the nearest stations and airports, plus transfer companies, taxis, car hire, advice on travelling to Val Thorens by car, and bus times

Free shuttle bus, Val ThorensPlace des Arolles, Val ThorensResort shuttle bus stop, Val Thorens

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