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Ski hire at Zenith, Val Thorens

Zenith Ski Shop, Val Thorens

For ski and snowboard hire in Val Thorens, we recommend Zenith ski shop. It's an independent, family-owned shop, with an excellent range of equipment. Service at Zenith is second-to-none - they are knowledgeable, straightforward, and deal with customers with good humour and courtesy. Get a 20% discount on ski hire and snowboard hire by booking through ValThorensGuide, then pay Zenith at the end of the week. 

Zenith Ski Shop logo

Ski and snowboard hire in Zenith is run by Armand, with an experienced and knowledgeable team.    Salomon X Race

Ski hire at Zenith, Val Thorens: why Zenith?

  • *they have a wide range of skis, from beginners to carving, off piste, ski touring, freestyle, and competition  
  • *a wide range of snowboards, inlcluding all-round, freestyle, and freeride 
  • *top quality equipment, renewed every year 
  • *knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and flexible service 
  • *free helmets for children

We don't guarantee it's the cheapest price in resort. For the lowest prices, you get the cheapest equipment. At Zenith, they only have quality skis and snowboards. They are committed to customer service, and they have lots of happy customers, including many ski instructors. 

They don't work with big tour operators, so you won't queue up for 45 minutes on Saturday evening or Sunday morning for your kit. You won't find them shut at lunchtime - they stay open all day.

Ski hire at Zenith, Val Thorens: categories

The categories of skis and snowboards are:Scott Crus' Air


  • Prestige (the very best test skis)
  • Zenith (suitable for expert skiers or boarders)
  • Star (suitable for intermediates)
  • Eco (beginners' skis and snowboards, and snowblades)


  • Competition skis
  • 120-160cm skis
  • 80-110 cm skis
  • snowboards (up to 140cm)

Examples of skis in the Prestige category include Scott The Ski, Scott Crus' Air, Salomon X Race, Salomon Q98, Rossignol Soul 7, Rossignol Radical 9SL, Atomic Redster D2 SL and GS, Atomic Vantage 90/85, and Vuarnet. 

In the Zenith category are Salomon Q85, Salomon Q88 Luxe, Salomon 24h x max, Rossignol Experience 80, Dynastar Cham 87, and Atomic Cloud Nine. 

In the Star category there is, for example, Rossignol Temptation, Volkl Adora, and Salomon LX750.

Rossignol Temptation           Rossignol Soul 7

Ski hire at Zenith, Val Thorens: prices

ValThorensGuide can offer a 20% discount on the public prices for hire equipment.

The prices for 6 days are as follows:

Adults                Full public price - discounted ValThorensGuide price

Category 6 days' ski hire 6 days' snowboard hire 6 days' boot hire
Prestige 152.00      €121.60
48.10   €38.48
Zenith 127.80      €102.24 127.80      €102.24
Star 100.90      €80.72 111.20      €88.96
Eco 78.80        €63.04 78.80        €63.04


Category 6 days' ski hire 6 days' snowboard hire 6 days' boot hire
Competition 63.20   €50.56 63.20   €50.56 26.30   €21.04
120-160cm 43.70   €34.96
80-110cm 26.30   €21.04

For other rates, and notes on children's sizes, see the full price list.

Ski hire at Zenith, Val Thorens: bookingScott Luna

Book your ski or snowboard hire through ValThorensGuide and get a 20% discount. The booking form asks for details including the name, age, height, weight, and boot size of each person hiring equipment, plus the category of equipment, so that it can be prepared and reserved for you.

Payment is direct to Zenith ski shop at the end of the week. If for any reason you change your mind, we simply ask that you let us know promptly.

Book ski and snowboard hire now.

Ski hire at Zenith: flexible options

To make things easier for Zenith clients:

  • *you can change from skis to snowboard, or vice versa, during the week
  • *if you wish, you can leave your equipment in Zenith overnight
  • *come to the shop to hire your equipment, and if it's too far to carry it to your accommodation, it can be delivered

Off piste equipment

Zenith also have a wide range of off piste equipment for sale or rent. 

Transceiver, shovel, and probe

Transceiver, shovel, & probe

Transceiver, shovel and probe are the basics for off piste. You might want to rent them if, for example, you're doing a single day off piste with an instructor or mountain guide; most people who do off piste regularly end up buying these items. 

Other off piste kit

ABS airbags

Other off piste kit includes ABS rucksacks (with two for rent, plus rucksacks for sale), touring skis and skins, and harnesses and ropes for glacier expeditions. 

Location of Zenith ski shop

Here's a map showing where to find Zenith ski shop:

Val Thorens ski hire and snowboard hire booking, location of Zenith ski shop, Val Thorens

It's on the place de Caron, next door to Face West Café. Tel: 00 33 479 00 05 28. Open 0830-2000, 7 days a week. 

(See our full-size location map)

Skis at Zenith, Val ThorensZenith Ski Shop, Val ThorensSki hire at Zenith, Val Thorens

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