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Val Thorens nightclubs

Malaysia, Val Thorens

Malaysia Val Thorens, by OT Val Thorens

There are three main nightclubs in Val Thorens - Klub Summit, Malaysia, and Baramix - plus, there's late-night drinking and dancing downstairs in le Bowling, at la Chapelle. Entry to clubs is generally free, except on special evenings such as New Year's Eve. Read about Val Thorens nightclubs here.

Val Thorens nightclubs: location

Val Thorens resort map, showing the location of nightclubs in Val Thorens  See where the nightclubs are on our Val Thorens bars and nightclubs map.

Val Thorens nightclubs: Klub Summit

Klub Summit, Val Thorens

Klub Summit is the nightclub in the main bar street in Val Thorens, rue de Gébroulaz, and it's the highest club in Europe. Summit describes its music as 'fun and lively, combining rock classics, house hits, and of course all those cheesy disco tunes you know and love!'

There are two bars, with staff from Scandinavia, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. The VIP lounge is for people who splash out on bottles of spirits.

Open 10pm to 4am. 

Tel: 04 79 26 48 22

Val Thorens nightclubs: Malaysia

Malaysia nightclub, Val Thorens

Part of Val Thorens' nightlife for 25 years, Malaysia is a bar and nightclub. Entrance is free, as with the other Val Thorens nightclubs, except on the occasional special night such as New Year's Eve. It opens at 10pm, and alternates DJ sets and live music. Abraxas are a regular band, well worthing seeing. 

Around 1am, they open the doors from the large bar and stage area under the entrance by the waffle stand, through to the club and dancefloor. The whole of Malaysia has enough space for 2500 people. (There's said to be 700m2 of dancefloor in total). From 2am, Malaysia is in nightclub mode, until it closes at 5am.

Abraxas at Malaysia nightclub, Val Thorens

Often, there are more boys than girls in the club.

This is a video produced by Malaysia in 2013:

Val Thorens nightclubs: Le Baramix

Baramix, Val Thorens

At the end of the rue Piétonne de Caron, below the Arcelle apartments, is the Baramix. It opens at 4pm, for apres-ski in the quieter upstairs bar. You can order a plate of charcuterie, supplied by the specialist shop next door, La Belle en Cuisse. It's gradually transformed into a club. Dancing is in the downstairs bar, where a DJ plays dance tracks. Open til 4am. 

Val Thorens nightclubs: la Chapelle

Bowling, Val Thorens

Under le Bowling is a late-night bar with a DJ, called la Chapelle.

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Val Thorens restaurants

La Maison restaurant, Val Thorens

There are plenty of great options for eating out in Val Thorens, with most restaurants offering Savoyarde specialities, but much more besides.

There's everything from Michelin-starred cuisine to burger and chips. 

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Val Thorens bars

Le Monde bar, Val Thorens

Many of the bars in Val Thorens are concentrated in the rue de Gébroulaz, but there are also a few around place Caron, and in the rue du Soleil. The are plenty which are suited to exuberant young drinkers, and a few which cater to those who prefer to sit, sip, and chat.

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Klub Summit, Val ThorensMalaysia, Val ThorensMalaysia, Val Thorens

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