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Val Thorens market

Market in Val Thorens

The market in Val Thorens takes place every Tuesday and Thursday in the ski season (and in the summer season). Since the new medical centre was built in place Péclet in summer 2016, the market is strung out along Grande Rue (the main road which runs past the church). There's a great variety of shopping options, including clothing, craft stalls, sweets, nougat, local honey, cheeses, and ham and cured meats. Read about Val Thorens market here.

Val Thorens market: the stalls

Val Thorens market stalls

Val Thorens market is every Tuesday and Thursday, all day, in Grand Rue. It's busiest in the late afternoon or early evening, when everyone's off the slopes, and pottering around the resort. It goes on until about 7pm, or slightly after.

There's a wide variety of stalls. Some sell clothing, including fairly cheap fleeces, and others sell craft items. Amongst the items on the food and drink stalls are cheeses, sweets, nougat, and honey from a local Belleville Valley producer. (He wears a bee costume - a yellow and black top, with bee wings stuck to it). 

Bee man, Val Thorens market   

Val Thorens market: location

The market is on Grand Rue, in the centre of Val Thorens, either side of the church.

A reservation about the new location of the market is that when it's busy with shoppers milling around, sometimes drivers using the road get agitated and impatient, and start sounding their horns. Vehicles don't have priority in Val Thorens, so drivers should just be patient, and go very slowly - but it may need signage, or intervention from the Police Municipale or Gendarmes, to ensure that they are.

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We hope you enjoy browsing the stalls of Val Thorens market.

Val Thorens resort: Val Thorens Post Office

La Poste delivery van in Val Thorens

The Post Office, La Poste, is also in the Maison de Val Thorens. The opening times during the winter season are:

  • *0900-1200 and 1400-1730 Monday to Friday
  • *closed on Saturdays and Sundays

Val Thorens resort: Val Thorens Medical Centre

Val Thorens medical centre, place Péclet

The main medical centre (Centre Médico-sportif) is in the place de Péclet, near the Hotel Pashmina. There are 4 doctors, and they deal with any injuries or illnesses that do not require hospitalisation. (They will assess patients, and send them to Moutiers hospital if necessary). The opening hours are 0900-1800, and outside of those hours, there is a doctor on call. Phone the centre's number 00 33 479 00 00 37 in the first instance.

There is another doctor in the medical centre in the rue du Soleil, towards the bottom of the resort. Opening hours are 0900-1200 and 1500-1800, and the phone number 00 33 479 00 74 39.

You will have to pay for any consultation, and claim the money back afterwards. Any visitor from the EU country should make sure to take a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), and ski holiday insurance is recommended.

The emergency numbers in France are:

  • 15 from a landline, 115 from a mobile (SAMU - the ambulance service)
  • 17 from a landline, 117 from a mobile (Gendarmes - the police)
  • 18 from a landline, 118 from a mobile (Pompiers - the fire service, who also transport people to who hospital)
  • 112 (emergency number for any of these services, from a landline or a mobile)
What to do in an emergency:

  • if you are in the village, visit the medical centre or, outside normal hours, phone them on 00 33 479 00 00 37
  • in serious cases outside normal hours, call the pompiers on 18, 118 from a mobile, or 112 (landline or mobile)
  • if you are on the piste, call the pisteurs. Ask at the top or bottom of any lift, or call 00 33 479 00 01 80.

Note that there are defibrilators in the Maison de Val Thorens, the sports centre office, and at the top of the Boismint, Grand Fond and Peclet lifts; and there is one at the lift company's 'central'.

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