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Val Thorens hotels

Bedroom, Hotel Pashmina, Val Thorens

Our guide to the hotels in Val Thorens covers all the hotels in resort. The four 5-star hotels in Val Thorens are the Fitz Roy, the Altapura, the Koh-i-Nor, and new in 2015-16, the Pashmina. The 4-stars include the Hotel Val Thorens, the Hotel 3 Vallées, and Fahrenheit 7. There are well-run, friendly, 3-star hotels, such as the Val Chavière and Sherpa. These Val Thorens hotels make a great base for your stay. If you prefer a club hotel, owned and run by a tour operator, there's the Tango and the Club Med Sensations. Read about Val Thorens hotels here.

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Val Thorens hotels: location

Val Thorens hotels, a resort map featuring the location of all the hotels in Val Thorens See the location of the hotels on our Val Thorens hotels map.

Val Thorens hotels: 5 star

There are four 5-star hotels in Val Thorens: the long-established Fitz Roy, which upgraded from four to five stars for the start of the 2013-14 winter season, the Altapura, new in 2011-12, the Koh-i Nor, new in 2013-14, and the Pashmina, new in 2015-16.

5 star hotels in Val Thorens: Fitz Roy

Fitz Roy Hotel from place Caron  

Right at the centre of the resort, the Fitz Roy is in a great location, in place Caron. For many years, it was Val Thorens' only four star. Over summer 2013, it was refurbished by new owners, a company called Les Hotels d'en Haut, which has three hotels - the Fitz Roy, the Hotel Val Thorens, and the Hotel des 3 Vallées in Courchevel. It is now a 5-star.

The Fitz Roy's 'comfort' rooms are modestly sized, although you can opt for a more spacious bedroom ('priviledge') at an extra cost. The hotel also has suites. The new decor is in subdued colours, with quite a lot of brown.  

The Fitz Roy has excellent facilities, including a small swimming pool in the spa area, a bar with an open fire, and a fine, if rather formal, restaurant. Since the improvements in summer 2013, there's a ski shop within the hotel. Another new development is a library near reception (a lounge with book shelves). Guests have direct access from the ski room onto the snow.

Real fire in Fitz Roy bar, Val Thorens   

There's a nice terrace at the Fitz Roy, where residents and non-residents can enjoy lunch or an après-ski drink, on a sunny day. 

Terrace of the Hotel Fitz Roy, Val Thorens

5 star hotels in Val Thorens: Altapura

Altapura hotel, Val Thorens  

The Altapura opened in December 2011. It is owned by the Sibuet hotels group, and calls itself the highest ski palace in Europe! The hotel's website says, 'As a connoisseur of a certain way of life and appreciative of beautiful things, you will fall under the spell of this 5-star hotel.' It is spacious, and aims for a 'Nordic-chic' atmosphere. It meets the latest environmental standards, and features solar panels on the outside. Also for environmental reasons, there are no balconies. The 88 bedrooms are modern and stylish. 

Hotel Altapura bar, Val Thorens

It has a terrace, bar, and bar/brasserie (Les Enfants Terribles). There are two restaurants in addition to the brasserie, Le Deux.Mille.Trois and La Laiterie (which serves the Savoyarde specialities). The Altapura has an extensive (1000m2) spa area, with an 'igloo' space, and an indoor/outdoor pool. If you take the Plein Sud chairlift, you can see the Altapura's guests splashing around in the outdoor pool. 

5 star hotels in Val Thorens: Koh-i Nor

Koh-i Nor hotel, Val Thorens

New in the 2013-14 ski season, the Koh-i-Nor is a 5 star hotel, which also has luxury apartments. It's at the top of the resort, just above the Tango and the Hotel Sherpa.

The hotel is designed to be light inside. Koh-i Nor's website says, 'From the time you set foot in the hotel, you'll notice the natural light everywhere, thanks to the imposing, diamond-shaped glass structure. Koh-i Nor will immediately make you feel full of light, energy, and fullness.'

Koh-i Nor has 63 rooms and suites, two restaurants, two pools in an 800m2 spa area, and a lounge bar. The Michelin-starred chef is Eric Sansom.

Koh-i-Nor reception  Koh-i-Nor pool  Koh-i-Nor terrace

5 star hotels in Val Thorens: le Pashmina

Hotel Pashmina, Val Thorens

New in winter 2015-16, the Pashmina is located at place Péclet, by the slalom stadium Yannick Richard.

The name Pashmina comes from the Persian word, referring to a warm fibre, or a protective refuge. It was chosen by the Gorini family, who already own and run the Hotel les 3 Vallées and the Chalet de la Marine, for their new luxury project. The Pashmina has forty-two bedrooms and suites, eight 'cosy homes' of 60 to 155m2, and two triplex apartments, as well as a 400m2 spa area, and two restaurants.

Stove in Pashmina Hotel bedroom, Val Thorens  Hotel Pashmina, Val Thorens, bedroom

The two restaurants at le Pashmina are called Les Explorateurs and Le Base Camp. Romuald Fassenet runs the kitchens with chef Josselin Jeanblanc.

Bar, Hotel Pashmina, Val Thorens  Restaurant, Hotel Pashmina, Val Thorens

A novel feature of the Pashmina is the 'igloo pod' on the roof, its glass roof allowing a view of the stars. For a supplement, hotel clients can spend the night there.

Igloo pod, Pashmina, Val Thorens  Wood-burning stove in the igloo pod, Pashmina, Val Thorens

Val Thorens hotels: 4 star

There are four 4-star hotels in Val Thorens: the Hotel Val Thorens, which is owned by the same hotel group as the Fitz Roy, Hotels d'en Haut, the Hotel 3 Vallées, which upgraded from 3 to 4 stars for winter 2014/15, the Hotel du Hameau du Kashmir, which was added to the existing Hameau du Kashmir apartments, and Fahrenheit 7, the successor to the old Hotel Mercure. There's also the '4 tridents' Club Med Sensations, opening for 2014/15 (see club hotels, below).

4 star hotels in Val Thorens: Hotel Le Val Thorens

Hotel le Val Thorens

The Hotel le Val Thorens was extensively refurbished in summer 2012, and became a 4-star hotel. (Previously, it was the best 3-star in Val Thorens). The big addition to the hotel was a spa and swimming pool. The 81 bedrooms have balcony, free wifi, flat screen TVs, and safe. 

It's right in the centre of resort, in easy reach of the main shops, bars, and restaurants. The exit from the ski room is onto the snow, so it's ski in and ski out. 

There's a cosy bar, and two restaurants - the main one, and a Fondue restaurant where guests on half-board can book to eat, and which is also open to the public.

4 star hotels in Val Thorens: Les Trois Vallées

Hotel les 3 Vallées, Val Thorens

The Trois Vallées is a small hotel, in a good location, with excellent food and friendly service. 

It's in the upper part of resort, not far from place Péclet, and very close to the Galerie Péclet. A lot of shops and bars are close by, and access to the slopes is easy. 

It has 29 bedrooms and 4 studios, with bath or shower, and some with balcony. There are family rooms. Facilities include wifi, flat-screen TV, radio, and safe. There's a small but convivial bar near the hotel entrance, and a restaurant which is open for breakfast and for dinner in the evening. They also have a sauna for their guests.

4 star hotels in Val Thorens: Hotel du Hameau du Kashmir

Hameau du Kashmir, Val Thorens

There is now a hotel option at the luxury Hameau du Kashmir complex.

4 star hotels in Val Thorens: Fahrenheit 7

Fahrenheit 7, Val Thorens

Hotel Fahrenheit 7, photo by ValThorensGuide

Fahrenheit 7 used to be the Mercure. The hotels was completely refurbished in summer 2016, and renamed. 7F is -13.89C, the perfect temperature for the formation of a snowflake. According to the tourist office, Fahrenheit 7 is 'rooted in local history [and] showcases the resort's pioneer spirit through a number of design nods to the 1970s, the decade in which Val Thorens was created...The generously sized bedrooms (27m2 and larger) are decorated in a chic, vintage style.'

There are seven different breakfasts during the week, starting with American breakfast on Saturday, Scandinavian breakfast on Sunday, and so on.

Val Thorens hotels: 3 star

Val Thorens has a number of 3 star hotels, including the popular Sherpa and Val Chaviere.

3 star hotels in Val Thorens: Le Sherpa

Hotel Sherpa, Val Thorens

Le Sherpa is a cosy hotel run by the Chamberot family, which is a firm favourite with regulars to Val Thorens. The bar, with an open fire, is one of the nicest things about this hotel. The food is excellent, the rooms comfortable, and there's a sauna, hammam, and jacuzzi. 

A fairly recent additon is an outdoor 'cosmic sauna':

Cosmic sauna, Hotel Sherpa, Val Thorens

Photo © C. Cattin, Val Thorens tourist office

3 star hotels in Val Thorens: Le Val Chavière

Hotel le Val Chavière, Val Thorens

Le Val Chaviere is another family-run hotel, which is very popular, and gets many repeat visitors. It doesn't have too many airs and graces, but offers good set menus, with Savoyarde specialities on a Thursday. There's a bar with friendly service, and direct access from the ski room to the slopes.

3 star hotels in Val Thorens: Le Portillo

Hotel Residence le Portillo

Le Portillo is well-located, has good-sized rooms, and is good value. As well as hotel rooms, they offer self-catered apartments. At times, the service has been slightly eccentric.

Val Thorens hotels: club hotels

Club hotels in Val Thorens: Hotel Tango

Hotel Tango, Val Thorens

Owned and run by the Scandinvian tour operator, Langley Travel (part of the TUI group, which also owns Crystal), the Tango was partly re-built, and entirely refurbished in summer 2011, and re-opened in February 2012. 

The hotel has 59 rooms, with individual, contemporary decor, and TV. The Tango's bar and restaurant are open to non-residents. (Wifi in the bar and restaurant). There's also a spa area, with massages available. 

A stay at Tango can be booked through Crystal.

Club hotels in Val Thorens: Club Med Sensations

Club Med Sensations, Val Thorens

The Club Med Sensations in Val Thorens opened in the 2014/15 winter season. It is rated 4 tridents (the Club Med equivalent of 4 stars), and has space for almost 800 guests. It's an all-inclusive holiday, with food, drink, entertainment, ski pass, and ski lessons in the price.

Club hotels in Val Thorens: La Marmotte

Hotel Marmotte, Val Thorens   

La Marmotte is small, cosy, hotel which has been taken over by Danish tour operator Danski.

Val Thorens going up in the world

Montana Plein Sud spa

Val Thorens was founded in the early 1970s. A few years ago, it seemed that much of its accommodation was a little tired, and dragging Europe's highest ski resort down. 

In recent years, the resort has taken a conscious decision to invest, upgrade, and move upmarket, and that includes its hotels. In 2010, there were no 5-star hotels, and in the space of just five years, Val Thorens has got to the point where it has four 5 star hotels.

Other Val Thorens club hotels

Le Bel Horizon, Val Thorens

Amongst the other club hotels (hotels run by tour operators), there is the UCPA (a sort of French youth hostel). You pass the UCPA building on the way up to Val Thorens, about 1km below the resort proper. 

MMV took over the old Club Med premises for a family-orientated hotel, MMV Les Arolles. Swedish tour operator Nortlander have a hotel in the rue du Soleil, called Le Bel Horizon.

Hotel bedroom, Val ThorensHotel bar, Val ThorensKoh-i-Nor, Val Thorens

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